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To keep up with the rapidly changing digital realm in today's world, we at Making Waves have decided to make a shift in our strategy. To become our clients’ and other partners’ powerhouse for digital growth, the Making Waves offices in Kraków, Oslo and Stockholm decided to join forces with our Danish sister agency Hello Great Works and are moving forward together under a new name: NoA Ignite.

The name is brand-new, but the people behind it are still the same - a bunch of friendly developers, designers and content editors supported by our fab IT, People, and Finance & Administration departments.

Our golden rule is “People first”, and we have three top priorities: to produce high quality work, to have happy employees who are allowed to develop themselves, and to support a huge number of internal initiatives. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about NoA Ignite Poland.

Responsible recruiter


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Recruitment process

The recruitment process usually consists of four meetings, two of which take place at NoA Ignite. During the meetings, we check the candidates’ technical skills (a meeting with senior staff) and get to know them better (a meeting with the People department and one of NoA Ignite’ managers). We try to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible, and hope that you will find us approachable and professional. After the meetings, we are happy to provide feedback.

Send us your CV

Your CV is checked

Homework/test *

Interview 1

Interview 2

You get a job

*Everyone who applies for a junior position or for a job as a designer, graphic designer, FE or JS developer will get a homework assignment to complete as part of the recruitment process. If you apply for a job in Content Services, you will be asked to carry out a short writing test.


We want people to be happy, and we appreciate the importance of a healthy work-life balance. NoA Ignite’ benefit package has been designed to meet different expectations and needs – because as we all know, every single person is unique!

We want you to grow

  • Training budget

    Do you enjoy learning new skills? We give every employee a personal development budget.

  • Personal development

    You get 14 days (112 hours) for self-study per year (conferences, hackathons, online training etc.)

  • Soft skills trainings

    Technology is important, but we also care about the quality of communication and mutual understanding.

  • English and Polish lessons

    You can use the training budget for English or Polish lessons with a native speaker.

We appreciate work-life balance

  • Extra days off

    Experience is valuable. After three years as an employee at Making Waves, you get an additional two days off per year.

  • Core hours 09:00 - 15:00

    Flexible working hours provide a good balance both for those who like to sleep in and for those who are in a hurry to get home.

  • Home office

    You can work from home up to 2 days a week.

  • Multisport

    The Multisport card grants access to an endless variety of gyms and sport clubs – a must for everyone who believes that a sporty life is a healthy life.

  • Private medical care - LuxMed

    We understand the importance of good health, and want to help you to look after yourself.

  • Life insurance

    For those who want to support their and their loved ones' safety.

We want you to feel good at work

  • Company breakfast

    Start the day with a selection of fresh bread, cheese, ham, yoghurt, cereal and juice in the good company of your colleagues.

  • Lunch compensation

    We add 11 PLN per business day to your salary. Oh, and a 30-minute lunch break is included in your working day.

  • Fresh fruit

    We like sweets, but the daily delivery of fresh fruit like apples, pears, bananas and oranges is not too bad either ;)

  • Bicycle parking

    We do not want you to have to worry about the safety of your bike.

  • Company parties

    Hard workers deserve a good party once in a while! Every year, we organise a summer party and a Christmas party as well as recreational trips like Making Top (hiking) and Making Snow (skiing).

  • Integration trips

    One of the best way to get to know your colleagues better is to go on a trip together.

  • People Partner

    Once a year, we elect an employee to represent our interests.

  • Gifts

    We celebrate Christmas, Easter, work anniversaries and other occasions with small gifts.

  • Occasions

    We also celebrate staff birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and the birth of children.

We all need some extra money

  • Making Points

    If your business travel takes place during weekends, we pay compensation of 250 PLN.

  • MenuIT

    Spend up to 500 PLN every two years to buy an e-reader or other gadgets that you would like to use at work.

  • Glasses co-financing

    Get 500 PLN every two years to buy new glasses.

  • Finder's fee

    Recommend Making Waves as a great place to work. If we hire somebody you recommended, you will get a generous referral bonus.

  • Annual bonus

    A part of the profit earned by the company is evenly divided between our employees.

  • Micro loan

    You can borrow money from the company on very attractive terms.

  • Relocation package

    If the job requires you to move to Krakow, we will help you with the costs up to 4000 PLN gross.

Technology Radar

Products, platforms, frameworks, tools and practices. Our Technology Radar shows which technologies we use at NoA Ignite and what we plan to focus on in the near future.

Check out the Technology Radar

Working at NoA Ignite

What’s a typical Wave Maker like? There is no such thing – NoA Ignite is made up of individuals with different backgrounds, interests and preferences. Here you can read what some of our employees like the most about working at NoA Ignite.

Grzegorz Cichosz

.NET Developer


Working at NoA Ignite is a journey in every sense of the word. In 2017, I visited eight different countries, four of them thanks to NoA Ignite. I saw the Angry Boy in Oslo, the hippie area of Christiania in Copenhagen, a 17th century ship in Stockholm, and went on a date with Van Gogh in Amsterdam. But frosty Scandinavia and the surrounding countries are not the only destinations you may meet if you work here. While I was travelling along the canals in Venice of the North, some of my colleagues were sipping wine in Lisbon while others had cold sangria in the Canary Islands. If you enjoy travelling, NoA Ignite is definitely the place for you – whether you end up going on short business trips or decide to relocate to one of our other offices.

Andrzej Ficoń

.NET Developer

Autonomy at work

Thanks to the Scandinavian company culture at NoA Ignite, employees enjoy a huge sense of autonomy. This is a great asset, especially for proactive people who not only notices problems, but who are also keen to find solutions. Some time ago, I had an idea to start a coding dojo at work, and it has turned into a regular event. Then a colleague mentioned that it would be nice to organize a hackathon, and we now organize one every month. These are things that happen with a financial contribution from NoA Ignite and support from managers and other colleagues.

Carina Glinik

Content Editor


After finishing my master’s degree in Austria, I wanted to work abroad and experience something new. Relocating to Poland and NoA Ignite was the best choice I could have made. Krakow is a super cool city with an active expats community and lots of culture. I also like my job as a Content Editor: I’m writing articles in my mother tongue, German, and take care of our clients’ websites, amongst other things – it’s never boring.

NoA Ignite did everything to make the relocation as smooth as possible. They covered all the costs including the flight, the transportation of my belongings, the real estate agent and the first month’s rent for my apartment. I also received a lot of help from my colleagues. Of course it is challenging to move to another country without speaking a word of the local language. But with personal advice and financial support it’s manageable – and it’s certainly worth it.


We are open to new ideas, and our ambition is to be a presence on the Krakow IT market. We are also keen to support CSR initiatives and charity actions. For 2018, we have already planned a couple of new events.

Making Software

Our very own industry conference is a chance for us to share knowledge outside Making Waves. Making Software is a forum for technology news, networking and events relevant to the local software development industry in Krakow. Find out more on Facebook.


NoA Ignite supports the Krakow .NET Developers Group. At last year's event, our employee Paweł Bańka shared his experience with a presentation about Akka.NET.

WUD Kraków

We support the user experience conference WUD (World Usability Day). Our designers have often joined as speakers – at the last event, Ruta presented the topic "Where is the border between persuasion and manipulation in design?".

Women in Technology

We support initiatives organised by WiT (Women in Technology). We attended the 44th WiT meeting in Krakow, conducted workshops on JavaScript technology and made our canteen available for iOS workshops with ARKit. What's next?

Burn For Money

Our app Burn For Money is an optional charity action for staff who like to stay active. By registering our workouts, we earn points that are converted into money. For every 500 NoA Ignite points, we give 100 PLN to charity.

Noble Pack

By organising an annual auction where employees offer everything from home-made bread to guided cycling trips, we collect money for families in need. A lot of fun for a great cause 😊

Other CSR initiatives

We like to help people when we can! We participate in KBR, buy gifts for children from an orphanage as well as help pets in need.

Wiedza Babel

We support Wiedza Babel, an event organised by our designer Ruta. This meetup focuses on the cooperation between designers, project managers and developers.